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    San Gavino Monreale

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San Gavino Monreale: San Gavino Martyr Church

San Gavino Monreale: Figure of Eleonora of Arborea inside San Gavino MartyrThe San Gavino Martyr Church was erected in the XIV century, work started in 1347 as the inscriptions located in the church attest.

1347, the year in which Mariano IV was crowned and in which the church appears to have been dedicated to the family of the “giudici d'Arborea” (historic administrative personas of Arborea).

Built by Pisan labourers, or the Pisan school, the small church is situated on the edge of the present day town, the apse preserves the Gothic contours of the original structure, with a square plan, covered by a cross vault with Gothic single lancet windows ornate with small leaved capitals.

San Gavino Monreale: San Gavino Martyr church bell towerThe apse preserves the most important testament to the historic administrative period: in fact four figures are sculpted in its corbels that most probably represent the sovereigns of the Arborea family, more precisely: Mariano IV with his daughter Benedetta, Ugone III, Eleonora of Arborea and her husband Brancaleone Doria. On the apse’s pilaster there is another image: Eleonora and her two sons Federico e Mariano.

The short distance between this place and the Monreale castle, once the summer residence of the Arborea, leads one to believe that this church was actually the family’s chapel, a sort of commemorative pantheon.