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  • City districts of:
    San Gavino Monreale

    tel. 347 9170196
  • Regione Sardegna
    POR Sardegna 2000-2006
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  • Area square KM: 108,21
  • Height: 63 m. a.s.l.
  • Population: 3.345

Panorama of the town, FluminimaggioreAt the foot of the wide valley, Fluminimaggiore rises on the banks of a large water path, the Flumini Mannu River which, still flows through the town, dividing it into two quarters.

Surrounded by high mountains, the quarter faces southwest towards the sea.

On the way to Iglesias, the territory spreads out amongst the mountains, where high up windy roads and sheer cliffs dominate, a place where many ruins of dwellings and structures once used in mining activities can be distinguished.


External of the Licheri Ethnographic Museum

The small marine hamlet of Portixeddu, the Sant’Angelo district and a small mountainous hamlet also form part of the town council.

The economy of this town was originally based on agriculture and animal rearing for a long time.

Since the second half of the 800s, the economy was, for more than a century, almost entirely linked to the mines; Su Zurfuru, Arenas, Gutturu Pala, some of the abandoned mining sites and villages that can still be visited.

Il borgo di Sant'Angelo, una frazione di Fluminimaggiore

At present it is concentrating on the tourist and environmental sector.