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  • City districts of:
    San Gavino Monreale

    tel. 347 9170196
  • Regione Sardegna
    POR Sardegna 2000-2006
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  • Area square KM: 174
  • Height: 137 m a.s.l.
  • Population: 12.670

Aerial photo of GuspiniOn the margins of the area of Oristano, Guspini occupies the part of Campidano that is by the Montevecchio river spreading out as far as the Santa Maria di Neapolis pond.

The nature of this place has encouraged human settlements since ancient times, but the present day center, referred to as Gospini or Gulse, dates back to medieval times.

Its origin is linked to the exploitation of the silver deposits of the Montevecchio area, to which the life of the town has always been associated.

Mining activity reached the height of its development between the mid 800s and 900s.

Basalt columnars

The built up area is divided into two large quarters: the center is XX Settembre square with the parochial church; a dense tangle of small streets lead from here to all meet up in the historic quarter made up of houses built with unbaked bricks and local stone, with a style that resembles that of the typical country houses of Camidano.

The most important monuments are located in this area.

The modern quarter is Is Moinargius, made up of long roads and houses built using modern construction techniques.


Local economy was conditioned for a long time by the presence of the mining industry.

Its failure has taken the economy back to being based mainly on small and medium sized businesses, farming and crafts. Some activities in particular distinguish the town: the widespread production of nougat, honey and knives.