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  • City districts of:
    San Gavino Monreale

    tel. 347 9170196
  • Regione Sardegna
    POR Sardegna 2000-2006
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  • Area square KM: 183,60
  • Height: 269 m. a.s.l.
  • Population: 14.732

View of the old town centreSituated in the South West of Sardinia, Villacidro, some 50-Km from Cagliari. Set between two mountains, Villacidro stretches out towards the valley in a proliferation of citrus groves and olive trees.

It has always been a much desired tourist destination, arousing admiration for its rich environmental patrimony and charming thanks to the splendid geographic and naturalistic ambiance in which it is located The present day urban settlement has distant origins.

Since 1400 a group of families settled in the most ancient part, the Castangias quarter, close to the historic center where the most characteristic buildings and structures are.

Panorama of the townThe town’s original nucleus was near the Fluminera River, which divided the center.

The old quarters are still clearly visible, which from the main square, Piazza Santa Barbara, branch out in different directions: Seddanus, Sant’Antonio, Castangias, Lacuneddas and Frontera or Sa Mitza.

The local economy was originally from farming and sheep rearing and based above all on high quality olive oil, cherries, peaches and several varieties of vegetables, and sheep, goat and pig rearing.

Nevertheless there have always been numerous craft and industrial activities, which as time has gone by have given life to the most important craft and industrial center attraction of the area.

The famous red fruit: Villacidro cherriesImportant, in the past, the fire water “acquavite” distillery and the fermenting of the Villacidro Murgia liquor, that has made the name of the town famous throughout Sardinia and not only.