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The roads in the novel

Sentimental journeys of Dessi’s places

Piscina Irgas WaterfallIn Dessì’s works, the places do not have a real physical dimension, but a great evocative capacity: they awaken sensations and feelings, rouse emotions, create atmosphere...

Dense and shadowy woods, distinctive shaped mountains and rocks, whispering trees, animals that silently observe, bushes that come to life... waterfalls and streams with the freshness of their waters, sweet valleys and work fields; also roads, squares and events: places and things, real and symbolic, all mixed together in a literary dimension, bound by the true and deep sensation of love for Sardinian nature and culture and for the Sardinians that permeate the writer’s work.

It is not necessary to locate, individuate or exactly place these places and these atmospheres to visit or discover them: all one has to do is look... and love...